Which Are the Top Online Casinos in Great Britain

Everyone likes to gamble every now and then at top online casinos, and since online gambling is much easier and more accessible to the common folk, it is important to know how to find the best casino web sites and choose the perfect one for you. However, how can you find the best casino for you when there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of websites?

Moreover, how can you know if one of them is a fraud? This article will create a clear perspective on such questions and give a few fact-base examples on the top online casinos and why exactly are they the best.

How to Choose Your Top Online Casino?

There are a few steps that we as professionals use to select our favourite gambling websites. We can assure you that we only recommend the best online casinos.

Firstly you should know that all the sites that are shown on our page are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, so if you choose one of the top recommended online casinos  here you are promised legitimate and safe games.

Secondly, we check the type of security the casino uses to verify that your personal details are safe and sound. Every website featured here is promised to have the best security an online casino can have.

top online casinos choiceWe also have a dedicated team who contact the most reliable casinos and ask them for exclusive bonuses we can share with our readers. So if you are searching for a reward that’s more reasonable for you, you are in the right place.

The next criterion on our list is to ensure that the payment happens quickly and securely to your bank account. No one wants to win a vast amount of money and sit around and wait for ages for it to be transferred.

We are a team of professionals which give an honest review about each website and do not accept money to write a better review; that is how you know you are choosing from a list of the top online casinos in the country.

The Advantages of Gaming in a Safe and Secure Environment

A lot of customers do not realise the dangers of playing online in a suspicious casino. They see an offer that can’t be refused and get careless with their credit card info and their money.
Casino Offer Play / Read
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So we have narrowed down the best points on why you should choose a legal casino online:
  • 100 % secure and fair games
  • Privacy and obtained personal information
  • Information about playing responsibly
  • Different accounts for your finances
  • Legal security
  • Full reports about the winnings

Also, the top online casinos also give out better bonuses than their less legitimate fellow companies. Moreover, the best part is the payment security which ensures that each payment is safe and secure from third party attacks on your credit card information, so you can enjoy playing the best casino games without worries.

Our Experience with Internet Fraud

You probably have noticed that to us at toponlinecasinouk.com; the most important thing is security. We enjoy playing the best casino games online almost as much as you do, and we know how unpleasant, hard and time-consuming fighting fraud is. So we created yet another list with the most common and annoying type of scams you may encounter during your online gambling.

I will start with fixed games since it is probably the most frequent problem. Brits nowadays face in gaming online. In some cases, it may be hard to find out if a game is rigged or not, but with a little calculations and the theory of probability at your hand nothing is impossible. Of course, not everyone has the time for that so the easier alternative is only to play at licensed casinos. These websites are often checked by a third party company so it is not possible for them to fix any of the games even if they tried.

top online casinos gamesThe next thing on my list are the bonuses that are not entirely fair. Every online gaming site has specific Terms and Conditions for the bonuses they give out. Most people who are new in the area believe that they can immediately withdrawal the bonus they received. However, that is not the case. Usually, the top online casinos want you to stay and play more so they will make you wager your bonus about 50 times before you can withdrawal your money. There can be cases with even 100 or more times so you should read the Terms and Conditions very carefully before you sign up.

Moreover, last but not least unreasonably suspended accounts. This is yet another way for websites to fraud you. So basically what usually happens is that you sign up and start playing. The casino is quite responsive while you are losing, but when you win, they suspend your account for an arbitrary reason and deny you payment. So the only thing you can do is complain to the authority that controls it, but if the website is not licensed there isn’t anyone that can help you.

How to check if a Casino is Secure – License and Regulation

All legit online gambling sites have information about their license and all sorts of certifications on their homepage; commonly there’s a logo of the company that handles them. The two key factors you should be looking for are the license number and the licensing authority. The license number and the logo of the company should be found in the footer of the homepage, so when you click the logo, it should redirect you to the official website of the enterprise. Also according to the UK law, the top online casinos that offer services in the UK must have a license from the Gambling Commission. Having such license is of utmost importance, but there are other factors of security in such websites. Some other signs of vast importance are the software they use to ensure the games are fair and random, the encryption they use to provide safe payments and the secure communication between their server and your personal computer and also the information you need to know about responsible gambling.

Play the Video for a Quick Review of the Site

How to check if a casino is safe – Player Confidentiality and Technical Security

Let’s start with technical control. The most well-known companies in this field that are specialised in auditing are Technical Systems Testing, Gaming Laboratories International Test and E-commerce online gaming regulations and assurance. The next thing you should check is if the casino is involved in the preventing of gambling addiction. Such casinos often work with more than one non-profit organisation dedicated to treating and preventing gambling addiction.

Such are gamblingaware.co.uk and gamblers anonymous international service. Notable casinos like 888 and William Hill not only have such certifications but also have many awards and titles won over the years. 888 has even won the award for “The best casino operator of the year” several times throughout history.

What are the requirements for a license in the UK?

For the Gambling Commission to grant a license the company that has requested it needs to prove that it is completely trustworthy and has nothing to do with any fraud. They also need to ensure that children have no access to any real-money gambling at the top online casinos.

Which is the most popular online casino in the UK?

After a little research, we found out that William Hill is the most famous operator in the UK, it has been in business for more than 80 years so they know exactly what they are doing. You will receive a vast choice of games to play as well as a £150 bonus if you have a Paypal account, if not there are 40 different ways to pay. There is also a mobile app and for the Apple users, there is even a live casino app. So now that we have provided you with enough information about how to protect yourself from fraud and scams, we will give you our research-based choices for casinos. Starting with the best one we could find.

top online casinos live

Why 888 is the best UK based online gambling operator?

To rank the best casinos in the UK and narrow them down to 10 we had to check their certifications personally, test out the software and check if their bonuses change mid promotion. We also chatted with a lot of players about their personal experiences and their favourite online casino games also their thoughts about each casino. At the end of this challenging deed, it was more than obvious that 888 is superior to its competitors in every aspect.

The top 10 Online Gambling Websites According to Us

It is always a good idea to keep being informed about the bonuses and promotional offers at the top online casinos in the UK. Our graphic will show you other features too. Prestigious bonuses give players the opportunity to increase their winnings with just a fraction of the cost. Here are some of the best examples:

  1. 888 casino – Winner of best casino operator from 2011 to 2013 and has the best bonus conditions.
  2. Betway – Innovation in Random Number Generator Casino Software and £1000 bonus.
  3. Betfair – Winner of best casino operator of The year 2010 and £500.
  4. LeoVegas – EGR: Innovation in Casino 2013 and £1000.
  5. mFortune – Recommended casino for playing casino games online and £100.
  6. Kaboo – £200 and 100 free spins free of wagering.
  7. Thrills – £1500 and 20 super spins free of wagering.
  8. Lucky 247 – £500 and 50 free spins.
  9. Casino Room – £500 and 200 free spins
  10. Super Lenny – £150 and 150 free spins free of wagering.

How we Assess Each of the Top Online Casinos

Safety always comes first. We have very high standards in picking the best internet casinos for you which include all types of security and protection of personal information. Needless to say that the casinos that did not answer those standards are not part of the rankings. Now there are a few individual mistakes you can make as an online player. One of the biggest and most common ones is if you choose the first one you see at random. By using toponlinecasinouk.com as your personal top internet casinos guide, you can avoid the disappointment. We only feature the top online casinos according to our research so you can enjoy the best online entertainment and a satisfying, rewarding experience.

Read more about the casino reviews here.

top online casinos bingoThere’s no actual way to know which are the best online casinos; that is because each player has his taste and his expectations. That is why we provide you with rankings of the best online gambling websites in the UK with reviews of other players and special offers. So you can choose which one suits you best. We only recommend casinos that have a valid license and are frequently regulated. They also must have an excellent reputation in the online gambling community in the UK. Each online operator must provide its players with not just full but an extensive game selection with a broad range of genres. There must be a high selection of casino games online for every taste, and not just their quantity is important, the quality and standard must be very high as well. A variety of live casino games online is another aspect we are looking for. The next thing we assure is that the players have a broad range of options to contact the casino. A 24/7 customer support is ideally what we are looking for. Moreover, last but not least the top online casinos will provide its players with all the needed information about it is winnings bonuses and payments as well as the maximum amount the customer can win and the criteria he needs to cover to win.

The Best Casino Games Online in the UK

It is great to be an online gambler these days, with the vast choice of casinos and even wider selection of games located online at the range of your fingertips. What’s even more astonishing is the amount of games being added monthly. This makes sure that no matter if you like Bingo, Poker or Blackjack or any other type of game, there will be an enormous amount of online casino games for you to pick from. So here are a few famous examples for the new players to choose from:


Roulette is a game in which a ball is dropped onto a spinning wheel. The wheel has different sockets which are numbered and is also coloured so the players bet on where the ball will land. In online roulette, a random numbers generator decide where the ball will fall rather than it being dropped. Roulette is a very popular game, and it is one of the easiest games out there. However, if you are looking for an alternative to RNG software, you should search for a Live Dealer version of this game.


Blackjack or in other words Twenty-one is a game in which the players compete against the dealer to get a hand which has the value of 21 or the closest to it. Any hand that surpasses 21 immediately loses the round. It also has quite some fans and is easy to play. It is just as popular at top online casinos as in land based casinos, and there is even a live version of the game for the same thrills.


top online casinos cardsPoker is most likely the most popular card game on the planet. So players compete against each other for who can get the best hand. Many people play the game with their family or friends in their home or even office. Most of those people have not even set foot in a casino. Online versions of poker show individuals who play against others and raise bets when they think their hand is strong. Another choice is video poker where players play a mash between actual poker and slots. The gamers will be given five cards, and they can replace the ones they do not need. Afterwards, the game will check their hand and figure out who wins and what they win.


Baccarat became popular after it was shown that it was the favourite game of the fictional character James Bond. Its mechanics are close to Blackjack in perspective that you get dealt cards, and you have to get to a number, however, in this particular case, it is nine. The other different thing is that if you exceed the number in this case 9 you do not lose the round, but you lose 10 points. So if you had 16 points, you would have 6.


Bingo is another easy game that’s quite popular. Players are given a card with different numbers on it. They cross them out as they are being chosen at random and called. It has changed a bit since it was beginning in 1998, but its popularity remained the same throughout the years.

The Gaming Software UK Casinos Use

Some of the most famous companies are Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. Some of the top online casinos offer online casino games will be found in websites that provide online casino games from a single gaming provider. For example, a game lets say 21; Playtech makes that can only be found in a casino where all the games are made by that particular provider. Here’s is a list of the biggest names in the industry and what to expect from them:

  • top online casinos slotsPlaytech – A rewarding selection of games with high-quality sound and graphics. Popular with Marvel online slots and live blackjack.
  • Microgaming Casino Games – A vast amount of online gambling games, mostly popular for their enormous range of slot games. Popular with Thunderstruck II and Jurassic Park Online Slot.
  • NetEnt Slot Games – Unique and innovating online casino games that are quite entertaining. Casino games with incredible graphics, sound and animation. Familiar with South Park and Aliens.
  • Evolution Gaming – This developer features only Live Dealer Games. Accessible with Live versions of Roulette and 21.
  • NYX Interactive – Includes an endless list of online casino games with amazing modern day graphics. Popular with DC Online Slots and Enchanted Mermaid.

Types of Jackpots

The definition of a jackpot is a huge amount of money won by a person playing a casino online game. In online casino’s there are usually two types of jackpots:

A fixed jackpot is when the players know exactly how much money they will win. Usually, the amount will be given in coins lets say 10 000 coins. If the player set £2 as a bet, he will get 20 000, if he set £1 he will get half of that.

The progressive jackpot is the one everyone wants to win. It is not fixed, and every player places a wager, and a small amount of it goes into the pot. A single pot can hold bets from the top online casinos, and websites from all over the worlds. Which means that the player who wins can get millions of pounds.

The Best Mobile Casinos in the UK

Picking a mobile casino online can be just as alarming as picking an online one. You need enough information to make the right choice. You do not want to spend much time looking for the right app and for it to turn out as a wrong decision.

Information about the mobile versions.
Similar to the online gambling websites we recommend, our website will feature only the top online casinos with mobile compatibility in the UK. To ensure you that we provide only the best services in the UK we will show you a list of criteria we are looking for in a mobile casino online:

top online casinos live mobileFirst comes safety so we feature only mobile casinos that are regulated, licensed and checked for certification. The next thing we check are the graphics; you may notice that some games are not supported on your device or that the graphics are not good. We test the functionality of the games not just on the big screens, but on the small as well.

At toponlinecasinoUK.com we do not just provide you with the best mobile casino games graphics, but we also provide the players with detailed reviews.

The selection of games for mobile devices is important. The mobile casino online should have a wide variety of games for its customers. We go through mobile gaming companies very precisely to provide you with the most accurate information about every casino online and the selection of games it has to offer to make your personal choice easier.

The three best online casinos

  1. Lucky247
  2. Kaboo
  3. Thrills

Gambling responsibly

The team at toponlinecasinouk.com wants to ensure that you have loads of fun gambling online. However, we want to remind you that many people take it too far and become addicted to gambling. This can ruin an entire person’s life so we urge you to be careful and think of yourself and your loved once. If anyone of our readers thinks he may have a problem with gambling, we advise you to visit Gamcare’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since there are always questions regarding the usage of a casino site, we’ve answered the following:

Do I have to wager real money when I play at the top internet casinos?

There are a lot of the top online casinos that provide players with free games. So you can play best casino games online for free, and when you feel ready, you can start wagering actual money.

How do I claim my bonus?

Each casino online has its procedure of giving out these bonuses. Most frequently you need to deposit money and gamble to withdrawal your bonus. However, we will provide you with the best offers online.

Are any of the best online casinos illegal in the UK?

It is perfectly legal for players to gamble in the top online casinos as long as they are licensed and based in the UK.

top online casinos uk

How do I choose the best online casino for me?

You need to consider the safety of the casino, a variety of the best casino games and if it has a valid license. Also, who are they accredited by and who’s they are software provider. What you should also check for are the bank payment options.

How do I deposit or withdrawal at the best online casinos?
The top online casinos provide players with different comfortable and safe methods to transfer money such as Skrill or Paypal.

How do I know my personal information will not be stolen by a third party?

To protect yourself from identity theft choose a casino online that is licensed by the Gambling Commission. Every legal casino online is required by law to protect your personal information.

Why is licensing of such a significance?
An official license proves that the casino online you choose to gamble at provides you with fair games and secure your information.

Does the law protect online players?

If you play at a licensed website you can always count on the Gambling Commission for help, however, if you choose an unlicensed internet site, you will be on your own.

How do I make sure the games are fair and safe?
Choose one of the best online casinos that has an RNG software by a third party company.

Are there special bonuses for Brits?

Usually the best online casinos offer bonuses are the same throughout Europe, the only distinction is that in the UK we get our bonuses in pounds and not in euros. Which means we get the best bonuses because our currency is higher.

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