Best Live Casino Games Operators in the UK

We can help you find the best live casino games, if you love gambling online from the comfort of your home, but miss the social interactions and the atmosphere of the land-based casinos provide, then . In this guide will recommend only the most prestigious operators who offer the best quality of streaming, unbelievable bonuses, a vast section of games, high limit ranges for bets and even charming young dealers.

However before we show you our top choices, we have to inform you that every operator featured on our website is certified by the UK Gambling Commission, so if you choose one of the top live casinos from this page will be able to play in a safe and secure environment.

What is a Live Dealer Casino?

Some of you are probably wondering how to distinguish between a regular online operator and a live one, well here a few key aspects of a live-dealer casino:

  • Firstly it is a gambling website which features Live Dealers.
  • It is not just licensed by UK’s Gambling Commission, but also by the Government of Gibraltar, which makes it a responsible and safe online operator.
  • It will offer you secure online payment methods such as Neteller, Ukash and many others.
  • It is based in the UK, and you can play for real money.
  • Live Casinos are the live version of gambling websites.

best live casino eurograndThey feature a live real person dealer, who is standing by an actual wheel or table, dealing you cards or spinning a wheel.

It also has some special features such as the oversized cards. Some casino offer this option so each player can see the cards clearly so there wouldn’t be any confusion about the winning hand. Another feature is the multiple cameras. Some operators use multiple cameras for different angles to make up for the fact that you cannot move around in the best live casino online.

What to Consider when Choosing Such a Casino?

These are a few key factors you should be aware of before choosing your Live operator:

  • There are primarily two kinds of dealers – the most standard Vegas style gaming and other by various countries and their styles.
  • The software is one of the most crucial factors of the operator – the smoothest software is provided by Playtech, Microgaming, Netent and Igt.
  • Another important aspect is the security – Both the deposits and the withdrawals must be protected by a 128bit SSLDE (Secure Socket Layer Digital Encryption). This means that when you make transactions, your personal and credit card info is kept nice and safe.
  • Live operators boost your favourite game types including Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. These live games add a feeling of a real and interactive casino to your experience.

The Advantages of a Real Dealer Game

One of the notable advantages of a best live casino is that the cards are drawn in front you. Some players prefer that from the alternative RNG software offered in the online casinos. Even though the random number generator is completely fair and legit, most players think it takes part of the thrill and doesn’t feel like an actual casino. Another great asset is the social interaction. Even though some players choose online operators so they can play in the privacy of their homes, everyone needs to socialise from time to time. Some of the top live casino promotions even offer the opportunity to play with other players, so you communicate with them via chat.

The Disadvantages of a Real Dealer Game

best live casino 888There are in fact some factors that may be considered as a problem. One of them is the speed of the game. For example, if it is a card game, the dealer has to deal the cards so it may be significantly slower. Also, there is no opportunity to speed the game, but most players find the pace enjoyable since it almost mirrors a land-based casino.

Finally one of the biggest issues concerning Brit gamblers is that the internet connection must be quite fast and stable. That is because the game is streamed in real time. This will be quite an issue for the people living in areas with the old copper cable infrastructure as the stream might be of poor quality or even get laggy.

Top Live Casino Promotions for UK Players

The biggest, safest and most prestigious operators on the web offer a wide variety of live game options. This allows the players to experience the thrills of land-based casinos in the comfort and privacy of their homes or any other place at any given time. The opportunity for direct interaction with the dealer and other players draws thousands of people to the live games world. Thus we have spent countless hours in research, creating a list with the the best live casinos in UK just for you.

888 Casino

The main factors this casino deserves first place:

  • It is powered by Evolution Gaming’s cutting edge graphics and sound
  • Best experience overall
  • £100 welcome bonus + promos for live games every Saturday
  • The recommended table is the Immersive Roulette

This is one of the most prestigious casinos which offers many live casino promotions and bonuses on your favourite live games. The Blackjack fans can look into two of their offers. The first one gives you the opportunity to win up to £1200 every day on the VIP tables. There are twelve bonus cards in the deck, and if you get one of them, the amount instantly gets written on the card. This happens in the time range between 1 pm and 1 am. Every day during the same hours you have another opportunity, however in the 888 private room. The winning possibility from the bonus cards there is £750. Moreover, if Roulette is more up your speed, you should join in on the fun every day between 8 pm and 9 pm. Then every time you bet on a round with the winning bet of 8, you win £8. Aside the many bonuses we have to acknowledge the fact that they also have an app, so you can play live games even while travelling.

William Hill

best live casino william hillThe main factors this casino deserves second place:

  • It is also powered by Evolution Gaming, so expect the same high quality of graphics and sound
  • Best choice for high rollers
  • £150 welcome bonus
  • We recommend the WH Salle Privée table

William Hill is one of the most trusted casinos on the web. There is two mind blowing promotions for new players. When you deposit £25 or more and wager it more than eight times, you get £25 for free. The second offer is if you deposit £20 while wagering, it guarantees £20 back. Just open up an account and place your first bit between the days of Tuesday and Wednesday. This best live casino also offers a top-notch live app. There’s a total of 11 games some of which are Baccarat, Roulette, Casino Hold’em and Blackjack.

Other Best Live Casino Sites

We already reviewed the top three live casinos of the UK, but there are other operators with a good reputation, where you could play. Those are:


This operator provides one of the best live games streaming qualities, so you feel like you are in a real casino no matter if you choose to play from home or on the go. Their game section is extensive and includes some of the favourites such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Casino Hold’em. Finally, this best live casino welcomes new customer with a bonus of up to £1000.


This one of the biggest and most prestigious operators on the web, they also offer a wide variety of live games. If you want to play there, the only thing you will need to do is create an account on their web page. After that, you can just click on the best live casino section and explore their section which includes some of your favourite games. In their casino, you can also choose from European and Asian dealers. The rules and experience amongst them are diverse, but it does not matter whom you want since there are no bad choices in Bet365.


You have the opportunity to play on a mobile device, in your browser or on a downloaded software. They are powered by the Software giants Microgaming so there is no question about the quality of service they provide. They have also won many awards in over a decade. To conclude, this is the longest running operator which Microgaming powers and is licensed in Gibraltar. It is a respected and fun best live casino providing amusement and excitement to both their online best live casino online and live dealer players.

The Most Popular Live Games

Play the games, where the presence of a live dealer makes gaming more exciting:


best live casinoThis is a classic casino game and as such has deserved a place in the best live casino online. It is quite popular because it requires both luck and skill. Unlike some of the other traditional games such as Roulette or Slots, which are entirely based on chance. Just like all other games, Blackjack has several types of variations, which do not differ much from the original. If they did, it would be hard for players to get used to it. However, these small differences add to the excitement and entertainment. Most of the casinos we recommend use Blackjack tables that come closer to the Vegas style. What’s important is that card values remain the same in the different varieties of the game and every casino and table have a maximum and minimum amount of money you can bet. If you like this game, William Hill has a special surprise for you. You can play at one of the exclusive tables, which will give you the opportunity to be dealt one of the three 7’s of the same suit. This can multiply your bet 20 times up to £1000.


This is another traditional high-class game. It may be one of the games, where luck is your primary factor. However, the glamour of the wheel, the rattle of the ball and the overall experience mark it as one of the most hypnotising feelings in the casino. This is another game that is offered in different variations amongst operators such as French, European and American. In most of the cases, the live Roulette offers either the European or French rules, which feature a single zero. There are also minimum and maximum bets, which again depend on the casino and table you play at.


This is another game that depends mostly on chance because most operators offer the North American version of the game or Punto Banco, which relies only on chance. There’s not much difference in playing live or against a computer, except the excitement of playing with people you see. You can either put a bet on a person, the dealer or a tie. Also, you will have bet limits in each casino, so take that into consideration before hurrying to join.

Casino Hold’em

This is the most common version of Texas Hold’em seen at a best live casino site. The live variants of the game can be found in every live dealer-operator and most casino mobile applications. Just like in regular land-based casinos, the aim here is to beat the dealer with the best hand. This game is among the favourites both because it resembles the traditional poker games, but also because it is featured with a low house edge, usually about 2%.

Sic Bo

best live casino bet365This is game originates from Asia, and roughly translates to precious dice. It is another game which depends solely on luck. However, this one uses three dice. Each player places a bet on what he thinks would be the winning combination of the rolled dice. It may resemble Craps a bit. However, Sic Bo requires no strategies because every roll of the dice maybe a loss or win. This game is featured in a lot of online casinos since quite a lot of customers do not trust the RNG software in the top live casino.

Three Card Poker

You should not confuse this game with Casino Hold’em even tho both of them are variations of traditional poker. The first seven cards are used to figure out the best option for a five card hand, this variation of poker only uses three cards to determine the best combination. The lowest possible winning hand would be a single high card and the highest – a royal flush (a King, a Queen and an Ace from the same suit).

Top Live Gaming Software

Just by looking at the developer, we can tell a lot about a best live casino site. It is common sense that different providers offer different games and bet limits. So we will provide you with all the information you may need on the three companies on top of live gaming software.


If you prefer smaller bets, you should look for a casino that uses this developer’s software, since the bets there start with £0.10. Betway is a perfect example of such an operator, and you can also play your favourite games such as Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack.

Games and Bet Range:

  • Blackjack from £5 to £2,500
  • Sic Bo from £5 to £300
  • Casino Hold’em from £1 to £50
  • Baccarat from £1 to £5,000
  • Roulette from £0.10 to £200


  • Included mini games
  • Speed Roulette
  • Tips are allowed
  • Rebet Button
  • Full window mode
  • The streaming is HD in each game
  • Chat available for all games

Evolution Gaming

If you are a high roller, you should probably look for the top live best live casino sites powered by this company. It is also the best choice for the fans of Three card poker since it is the only developer that offers a live version of that game. Moreover, it even provides us with one of the best versions of Roulette – the Immersive Roulette. The best example is William Hill Casino, especially for the high rollers

best live casino 32redGames and Bet Range:

  • Blackjack from £3 to £10,000
  • Three Card Poker from £1 to £10,000
  • Casino Hold’em from £0.50 to £7,500
  • Baccarat from £1 to £10,000
  • Roulette from £0.50 to £500,000


  • Party Blackjack Table
  • Auto Adjust Quality
  • Tables in different languages such as Russian, Swedish and German
  • Both classic and 3D view
  • History and Statistics for the games
  • The streaming is HD in each game
  • Chat available for all games


There are a lot of advantages Microgaming’s platform has to offer, including dealers dressed as Playboy bunnies. You have to admit that that is kind of cool. So if you would like to give them a try, we offer Betway casino.

Games and Bet Range:

  • Blackjack from £25 to £500
  • Baccarat from £10 to £500
  • Casino Hold’em from £10 to £500
  • Roulette from £0.5 to £6000


  • Gaming Alerts
  • Playboy Blackjack Table
  • Playboy Baccarat Table
  • Playboy Roulette Table
  • The streaming is HD in each game

Guaranteed Gaming Satisfaction

As professionals, we are proud to say that we have experienced most of the best live casinos in the UK. Of course, there are bound to be both ups and downs about each offer, which we will discuss in the review section of each operator. We hope that by providing you with such information, you will be able to enjoy each site with fewer downsides and find the perfect casino for you. A standard 52 deck is used, and it gets shuffled after each hand

The rules of the live games are the same as the rules in the best live casino online games you enjoy playing. There may be some tiny differences, but you will get used to them quickly. That is because a few factors have been tweaked a little, so the player’s experience could be even better.

Final Overview

  • To play live, every tiny detail must remain visible and clear throughout the gameplay. One of the reasons for which most operators created bigger cards.
  • Another important aspect is the camera perspective. Usually, multiple cameras are being used so that they can perfectly focus on what’s important – the roulette wheel or the dealer’s hands.
  • Next on our list is the social interaction possibilities. You have the opportunity to communicate with both the dealer and other players. So you can even make new friends during play.
  • Finally the most important factor. In our opinion, that is the streaming quality.

The best live casinos in UK stream in HD. However, it depends on the developer who provides the stream. In any case, we advise you to choose a casino which uses Playtech, Microgaming or Evolution Gaming. These are the giants in their industry and provide flawless high-definition streaming for your favourite live casino games online.

The overall experience from the best live casino online games, can’t be found anywhere else. You can feel the thrills of playing versus live dealers and other players without leaving your home or while you are travelling to someplace. The only disadvantage is most likely the fact that the games can be quite slower than against RNG software, but since the advantages are quite much more than that single drawback, we are ready to overlook it. Moreover, there is nothing remotely comparable to the interaction with an actual dealer, so what are you waiting for, find the best operator for your personal needs.

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