How to Make a Deposit that is Both Safe and Quick?

When you have chosen a web casino which you believe is the best for you, the following step when you decide to play for real money will be to deposit funds in your account. In this article, we will explore the numerous diverse ways which are available for you to fund your account. We will also give you a few great tips on what to do online, so your experience is the safest possible.

In the next paragraphs, we will also look at the main differences between credit and debit cards and also if the way you choose how to make an online casino deposit has any effect on your overall funds. We will also tell you a few things about internet security and give you some tips on how to stay secure online and how to keep your personal details secured.

Online Casino Payment Methods

If you decide to pick one of our suggested operators you will have a fun and safe gambling experience online. The top casinos will not only offer you an incredible game section and regular bonuses and promotions, however, they will also provide you with numerous online casino payment methods because most of you prefer to pay in different ways. In this article, we will explain the most popular online casino payment methods.

Online casino payment methods

Most people think that MasterCard and Visa are just credit or debit cards. However, they are Networks which process payments. The transactions from debit and credit cards that are being processed are being verified with the bank that issued them and afterward can either accept or decline the payment according to your current funds on behalf of the casino or shop. Then the operator will pay a specific fee, which explains how the networks make money.

So every time you decide to pay with either a credit or a debit card does not really matter if it is online or in a land-based shop, the payment system that you use for example MasterCard will connect you to the credit card department of the bank that issued your card. So for example, if you wish to make an online casino deposit in a website of your choosing, MasterCard will be the company that will check if you have enough money in your bank account. And the online casino withdraw methods are usually the same as the deposit ones, however in some cases the choice may be smaller.

The Difference between Credit and Debit Cards

When you decide to use a debit card, the money will be directly drawn from your personal bank account and when you use a credit card, the funds that you withdraw are not yours, and you will need to pay them back at some point in the future.

Also if you decide to use a credit card when you pay an online casino, you should always keep in mind that your bank may categorize this transaction as an advance. There is a huge difference in using a credit card for purchasing goods in an online store because if you pay everything you owe before the due date, there will be no additional charges. Whereas when you use that card for making an online casino deposit into your casino account, the second you do there may be other fees such as interest.

In some cases, you may be even charged additionally from the card processor, the amount of which will be a particular percentage of the deposit itself. This is one of the advantages of using a debit card since there are no charges of this type.

Online casino payments with credit or debit card

Another way to avoid such fees is if you decide to use an e-wallet such as Skrill, fund it and then use the e-wallet to deposit money into your casino account. This may sound like a complicated or a very long process, however, if you try it, you will see how safe and easy it is.

How to Make Deposits with a Credit Card in Online Casinos?

Most of you probably do not know that in the year of 2010, there were about 55 600 000 credit cards which were in circulation in the United Kingdom. Moreover, if you place those cards on top of one another, they will reach a height fifty times bigger than the highest building on Earth. So it is reasonable to say that we have become entirely dependent on our compatible friends since they were first presented for in the United Kingdom in 1966.

As we discussed in the previous section, our team recommends using debit cards over credit ones to fund your casino account. The three most common types of credit card payment processors within the United Kingdom are MasterCard, Visa, and American Express commonly known as Amex in most parts of Europe.

How to Make Deposits with a Debit Card in Online Casinos?

In 2012 there were seven billion purchases made solely with debit cards going over £337 billion. It is evident that UK citizens prefer this way instead of the other online casino payment methods. We as consumers love the opportunity to be able to buy everything we need online and not having to carry huge amounts of money in our pockets. Moreover, we are aware that there is a global crisis with credit card debt, so most of us love spending online, however staying in control of our finances.

Debit cards are perfect for funding your online casino account because they allow you to pay directly from your personal funds without adding any extra charges. Moreover, since the money comes directly from your bank account, your maximum online casino deposit can equal the funds you currently have available. In the United Kingdom, the most commonly used debit cards are Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro.

How to Make Deposits with an E-Wallet in Online Casinos?

Online casino payments with EwalletsResearch shows that over one million consumers in the United Kingdom do not have do not possess a credit or debit card and do not have access to a bank account. It is also known that lots of people do not feel safe to use a credit or debit card online. Even though the casinos and banks have spent a lot of time and money to make the transactions as safe as possible, many people still choose e-wallets and prepaid cards.

Some of you might not have heard of e-wallets, they are an account to hold funds, as their name suggests. It is very similar to a physical wallet in which you can add and take money out of. This way is becoming more common rather than the other online casino payment methods since you do not need to share any of your financial information with the online casino or any other retailer you purchase services or merchandise from.

One of the most commonly used e-wallets is Paypal, and it is currently owned by the popular auction website eBay. This is certainly one of the best casino payment options if not the best one. In 2013 PayPal had transactions which came over £114 billion, involving 193 countries and twenty six currencies. They are probably the biggest company in the industry with over seventy million accounts in their database.

Here are some of the other popular online casino payment methods you can use:

Skrill Skrill payments are accepted at most of the online casinos

PayPal is most likely the biggest E-wallet kind of supplier. However this is certainly one of the best casino payment options. Skrill is a provider who is becoming more famous on a daily basis, and it is accepted at over 156,000 online businesses globally as well as most of the online casinos. Skrill additionally offers a MasterCard prepaid card that for €10 a year offers you all the facilities of a credit card without any credit checks.

Ukash Online casino payments with Ukash

This company is certainly worth to be mentioned; it is an online money payment supplier which enables you to use your money to purchase, pay and play online in a safe and secure manner. If you do not own a credit or debit card or do not wish to enter your personal data to pay online this will be a perfect match for you. Some shops you will be able to use to fund your Ukash account is enormous.

Paysafecard Online casino payments with Paysafecard

This may not be one of the best casino payment options according to most consumers, but the players who use it definitely love it. Making deposits with this payment method very close to Ukash, it is a prepaid card that allows you to pay safely online. Prepaid means that you can buy it from one of their thousands of locations which are available in most countries. There is a pin containing 16 digits on your card which you need to enter to make a purchase with the card. One of the advantages is that you do not have to give any of your personal details or credit card information. If you choose, this particular payment method is according to your personal preference.

What to look out for When Using Real Money?

In this section, we will take a glance at the two main types of fraud you should look out for.


Online casino payments frauds - PhishingIncreasingly more in the United Kingdom receive fraud emails on a daily basis. These redirect them to specific websites in which they have to provide their personal details or credit card name purpose which is to steal your personal data and use it to access your accounts, the results of which can be fatal. This is commonly known as Phishing.

You should absolutely never reply or click on any link in a suspicious e-mail that warns you that your bank account may be suspended unless you write down or confirm your personal details. You should contact the company, however, take their number straight from the source. You should not use the number in the email, instead use a search engine like Google and open the official website of the company.


Online casino payments frauds - Vishing This type of fraud usually involves a person who makes calls to the victim, in most cases he poses as your bank, the police or even your credit card issuer. The call is made to try to obtain your financial information such as details about your credit or debit card, sometimes even the pin, details about your bank account and they may also ask you questions about your personal life like your entire name, your mother’s maiden name, your address, your birthday and many more.

Afterward, this information will be used to access your personal finances. If someone who is good with frauds, gets this type of information can withdraw your funds, create a new credit card or by goods with your card information.

Are There Any Transaction Charges?

In this particular section, you will be informed about the most popular payment methods and which of them may result in additional charges.

Debit Cards

Usually, you will not be charged additionally if you decide to fund your account using this payment method. Because the money is withdrawn straight from your current funds, there should be no additional charges.

Credit Cards

Some online casinos may charge you if you decide to use a credit card, in which case you should check out our reviews on the casino you are curious about. We have included everything you would like to know such as the minimum and maximum deposits, the time it takes to process the payments and more. The charges we discuss are only on the casino side, so if you have any concerns about banking fees, you should contact the card issuer.

E-wallets and Prepaid Cards

Just like with credit card usage, we have placed all the necessary information about the casinos that may interest you in their designated review pages.

Converting Currency

The casinos we recommend accept payment in pounds. Therefore, there will not be any extra charges for payments that were made in that currency. However, if you prefer to use another currency, other charges may be added by your bank or the issuer of your card, so we would suggest that you contact them for any additional information you may need.

You are probably wondering why we disscussed mostly the deposit ways, and did not focus as much on the online casino withdral methods, that is because there are usually the same and the deposits are not as safe.

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