Play with The Best Casino Bonuses in The UK

We would not enjoy casino games online so much if it were not for the best casino bonuses. The most prestigious ones of them offer and the opportunity they give us to play and win more. The gambling websites attract new members using those rewards so everybody wins. However, how can we find the best online casino bonus?

When most people look for a casino bonus, they see the biggest sum of money being offered and think it is the best offer. However when it comes to online casinos that’s not always the case, actually the more you know about gambling websites, the more you understand how many other factors you need to consider before jumping in the highest offer. This guide will feature the best casino bonuses this guide will help you find the most relevant ones for your adventure in the online gambling world.

Pros and Cons of Casino Bonuses

best casino bonusesIf you are looking for the best  bonuses of the UK online casinos, you have come to the right place. The first operator we will recommend is 888, they do not just give out some of the most generous best casino bonuses in the UK, but they also offer top bonuses with no deposit required. So basically you get £88 free of charge. Moreover, if you decide to make your first deposit, you get to choose between a 100% top casino bonus with up to £100 or a welcome pack up to £1500. They also give out promotions to their regular customers at any given time. So if you are looking for the best casino bonuses online, we will provide you with the most relevant recommendations in this article.

The advantages of a top online bonus:

  • You get to play with more money for the same deposit.
  • Usually, the top casino bonus is equal to the deposit.
  • Frequently the online casino bonuses are credible for a few deposits.
  • There are often bonuses that don’t require deposits.
  • You can get a special bonus by using your mobile device.

A few disadvantages to give you an unbiased point of view:

  • The bonuses bind the player for a specific amount of time.
  • Withdrawals are restricted until the top online casino bonus is over.
  • You have a limited amount of time to play through the top online casino bonus.
  • Sometimes the offers have impractical conditions.

Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

The top online casinos provide players with various kinds of bonuses some of which are cashable and some of which aren’t. What’s important at the end of the day is that the best casino bonuses give you the opportunity to continue playing and expand your winnings.

Our review of online bonuses starts with the top online casino bonus. It is usually divided into deposit the best casino bonuses and no deposit online casino bonuses.

best casino bonuses no depositDeposit top online casino bonuses in the UK – these are the most frequently observed the best casino bonuses in the casinos, to receive them you need to deposit a specific amount of money. The most attractive top online casino bonus is the welcome one, and since all the operators fight to get more customers, the offers go quite high.

Non-deposit top online casino bonuses in the UK – these are the the best casino bonuses of the players because you can get them with no actual deposit. There are usually to attract new members, but in some cases, you can get them even if you are already registered.

Non-cashable bonuses – often come in the form of free spins, free hands or money that cannot be withdrawn, depending on the game you choose to play. With those top online casino bonuses in the UK free money is being added to your account and after you fulfil all of the conditions you can withdraw your winnings. The bonuses may be a fixed sum offered to all the players or may be a percentage of your first or several deposits or even a matching top online casino bonus.

Free spins – In some cases instead of giving you credits, the casinos give you free spins, the difference is that there is a limited amount of games you can use them on, and you cannot decide how much to bet on, unlike the more traditional credit bonuses.

Promotions for Casino Betting

While the other best casino bonuses are usually devoted to new customers, the casino promotions exist to keep the loyal customers satisfied. The opportunity for such promotions is often given monthly or even weekly. This is another reason to check all the active promotions a specific casino has available before joining in. You can only benefit once from the top online bonus, but you can enjoy the promotions as much as you want. This is another factor in which 888 beats its competitors with ten different promotions available and the daily bonuses they have to offer.

Refer a Friend Bonus – There are also the referral bonuses which give you additional funds each time you refer a friend to the casino. So now you can share your winnings with your family and friends. William Hill is an excellent example for this top online casino bonus. Every time you refer a person, and they deposit £50; you get the same amount in your account. In 888 the top online casino bonus is even larger – if your friend deposits £100 and wagers it at least 30 times you also get £100.

best casino bonuses goldPayment method Bonus – The most prestigious casinos offer their customers many ways to deposit or withdrawal money. The payment method bonuses which are usually provided by casinos that have a preferred methods of payment, most frequently it is the ones with less financial risk for the operator. However, even some casinos with many options will give you 10 or even 15 percent depending on the payment method.

Tournaments – If you need some extra money, another great way to win it in an online casino is to take part in a competition. There can be all sorts of games such as Roulette, Blackjack and even Slots. Usually, you have to pay an entry fee or use casino credit to play a specific game. If you are one of the players that at the end of the tournament have won most credits, you will earn a prize. Let’s take a look at 32red’s daily tournament “ $250 Daily Freerolls” you can join in on the fun for free but if you are one of the top 10 you will win a part of the $250 prize pool. If you land first place, you will get $75 extra.

Raffles – Except for tournaments, the top online casino bonus offers and all sorts of different promotions you also get raffles. When a casino grants you the opportunity to participate in one of those, you will get the chance to win some great prices. One of the biggest prizes I have ever seen was won by a new customer at a casino, and he earned a brand new car. Now not everyone has such luck, but still, the opportunity itself is quite a bargain.

Comp points – Each casino has such a system, which grants you a cash-back bonus every time you acquire a certain amount of points. You can get such comp points by betting with real money. For example, we look at Winner Casino. Each time you wager £10, you will get 1 point. Furthermore, when you get 100 points, you can turn them into £1. However, if you join the VIP club, you will get £1 for far fewer comp points.

Vip Bonuses – When it comes to promotions, the best ones are always given to the VIP players. Casinos value their loyal customers a lot and always have new promotions for them and especially for those who reach the VIP positions. Most frequently you can get this prestigious status by accumulating a specific amount of comp points. However that is not always the case, in some casinos the VIP players are hand-picked. However, what exactly is so beneficial in becoming a VIP. For starters you get better bonus offers and the comp points to bonus ratio is much smaller. You also get invites to parties and galas, and you might even win cool prizes like the newest iPhone or even a cruise. Casinos offer you quite a lot to show how much they value you as a customer.

best casino bonuses coin

Custom Offers – many operators will sometimes send you emails or messages on their website containing exclusive offers to keep you as a client. This usually happens when you have not played for a while or when you have not deposited after you signed up.

There are also online casino free top online casino bonus packages which include all sorts of other kinds of best casino bonuses. The most popular ones are the reload bonus or in other words adding gratis funds to your account each time you deposit. Another famous one is the high roller bonus which is aimed at people who play high limit games.

The Best Deposit Bonuses in the UK

  • 888 casino – 100 percent up to £100 which is valid for 30 days with the play requirements of 30 times.
  • Betfair Casino – 200 percent up to £300 for all the games which is valid for one week and with the required time of 37 times.

    The best free online bonus and free spins

  • 888 casino – £88 pounds, £20 of which you can withdraw with the play requirements of 30 times.
  • Mcgreen casino – 10 free spins on the slots with 35 times of wagering requirements.

The best raffles

  • Betfair casino – you can win an iPhone 6, you can also play at the Blackjack table. Moreover, if you won a green card, you will be added to the Live Draw on Sunday evening.
  • 888 casino – You can play Blackjack live on the 888 extra table and win a part of the £750 each day.

The best special bonuses best casino bonuses free

  • Mcgreen casino – you will receive ten free spins on the best of their slot machines, which gives you the possibility to win actual money without even spending a penny. Moreover, if you decide to deposit for the first time it will be matched, and the entire top online casino bonus may be up to £350. You have to play through the spins for 37 times until you can make a withdrawal. The wise use of this offer will give you the chance of big winnings.
  • Betfair Casino – Betfair is definitely at the top of the best online bonus game. They will give you extra £5 added to the deposit match which could be anywhere between £200 and £1000 which depends on the games you choose to play. There are also all sorts of daily promotions giving you the chance to win even more money. Moreover, of course, there are rewards for the loyal players such as the VIP club and much more.

Ranking the Best Casino Bonuses

After doing extensive research on the legal online gambling operators in the UK, which includes the validity period, the wagering requirements and of course the games that are included we are confident to say that these casinos provide their customers with the best welcoming bonuses:

  1. 888 – Provides the best online casino bonus conditions with £100 for new players and £88 free bonus.
  2. 32red – £32 for each time you deposit £10 and £10 free bonus with no deposit required.
  3. Winner – 200% bonus up to £300 and £30 if you sign up.
  4. Betway – £500 welcome bonus with £10 sign up bonus.
  5. Betfair – 200% bonus up to £300 and £5 free bonus with no deposit required.

How to Know Which Bonuses are Good

There are a lot of different rewards but what’s most important is to know how to access them. So here are some factors to look into before choosing a bonus:

Bonus amount – Even though many players pick their bonuses solely by amount, it is not the ultimate strategy. People think that the bigger the bonus amount is, the better. However, usually smaller bonuses have much better conditions. In the best case scenario you might get a bonus that’s both huge and has reasonable wagering requirements, but if you have to choose between them, I would suggest choosing the second one.

Percentage of the bonus – Most of you probably have noticed that there is frequently a percentage next to a deposit. This shows the ratio between the deposit and the bonus. So, of course, the bigger the percentage, the more money you get. Let’s take a look at 32red’s best online casino bonus offer: every time you deposit £10 you get £32 for free, which is at a 320 percent, no matter how you look at it, It is quite impressive.

best casino bonuses webWagering requirements – The main reason operators provide the best casino bonuses is so that they could draw new customers and keep them playing. However, most players just want to withdraw the granted money as winnings. So the casinos introduced wagering requirements or in other words, you have to play through the best online casino bonus a certain amount of times before you can withdraw it from your account. At the prestigious casinos, it is usually about 30-40 times, but at the rogue ones it could be so much more. Also, some operators make you go through the deposit as well, unlike others that require no deposit at all. For example, 888’s wagering requirements (30 times the bonus) are superior to Ladbroke’s (20 times the best online casino bonus and the deposit).

Contributing games – There are some games with lower risk bets like Roulette or Blackjack (you can play them live), which leave the players the opportunity to abuse the best casino bonuses they receive. That is why casinos set various wagering requirements for the different games people choose to play or in some cases exclude games from the list. Frequently slots are 100 percent towards the wagering requirements which means that each £10 bet you make will be considered as a £10 wager. However, with games like Blackjack, it is a different case. Most frequently it is 10 percent towards the wagering requirements, so for each £10 bet, only £1 will be considered as a wager. Of course, these odds differ from a casino to a casino so; you have a lot to choose from.

Other Factors you Should Look at

Validity period – Aside from the wagering bonuses we already discussed, there is also a validity period in which the best online casino bonus is available. Usually or at least in most of the casinos, it is about 30 days, which I think we can agree on is quite reasonable. This is something crucial you need to consider because hypothetically speaking an operator can give you and enormous bonus but for a very limited amount of time, let’s say a day. That is not very reasonable. 888 are again on the top of their game with the three months they give you to go through most of the best casino bonuses.

Minimum deposit – The next factor on our list is the minimum deposit that is required to claim your bonus. Usually, it is about £10, but some cases require a much higher investment. However, most frequently the lower the minimum deposit is, the better, so even the low rollers can get into some of the action. However, for the high rollers, as long as the the best online casino bonus they receive in return suits them, they can deposit £1000 or even more.

Available payment methods – Last but not least on our list is always to remember to check what sorts of payment methods the casino accepts before rushing to sign up. It is very handy to be able to use more than one payment option because you may not be able to use the same option each and every time.

How and When to Use Bonus Codes

best casino bonuses dealIf you want to take advantage of the online reward system casinos, offer, as we said earlier the first bonus you will receive would be the welcoming one. Quite a lot of the best casino bonuses will not require a code to receive the credits and transfer them to your account. Most of the operators move them automatically so you can start playing right away. However, some casinos use codes for different reasons. 888casino is a case in point, they give you a code and later on you can copy – paste it into the cashier section to gain access to the sum they offered as a bonus.

Another type of a best online casino bonus that is frequently observed is the reload bonus, which is paid out on different occasions of the month for making a deposit in a specific amount. A percentage of the bonus will be transferred to your account, however, to get the reload bonus, a code has to be entered in the specified section of the form you deposit with.

Three easy steps to use bonus codes

  • Find the best online casino bonus code – you can easily find the code either in one of the reviews we have posted about a casino or on the operator’s website. If there is no code provided, then it is not needed.
  • Enter the code – once you found the code you have to read the conditions to figure out whether to write the code during the registration or the deposit.
  • Play with the best online casino bonus – The bonus will be added to your account after you satisfy the requirements of the particular promotion. In some rare cases, you will have to wait up to 72 hours.

General Bonus Requirements

Considering the fact that all online casinos come up with so much bonus systems of all types and all sizes, it would be natural to assume that there are some “strings attached”. The best casino bonuses in the UK give you the opportunity to turn the credits into actual profit. The lowest requirement is wagering 15 times before you can withdraw the cash. However, there are smaller risk games in which you will have to wager 50 or even 100 times; such games often include Roulette and Blackjack. Moreover, for the reload bonus and a few other types, there is a point system requirement, which means that the player must play a particular frequency until he can unlock a part of that bonus and turn it into some real money.

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