How to Find the Best Casino Games Online

Gambling online can be quite exciting for you, but how can you find the best casino games with the vast amount of operators online? No matter if you are just entering the world of gambling, or you already know your way around, this guide will help you find the games which are most suitable for you.

The online operator market these days is so competitive that every casino must stay at the top of their game to keep their loyal customers and even attract more. That is not an easy task, so they spend quite a lot of time, money and effort to improve their game sections. Most of the top online casino games are quite entertaining with their cutting edge graphics, gameplay and sound. Moreover, that is precisely what you should be looking for when choosing a website. However, variety is one of the hardest things to find because most casinos use the platforms of the same software developers. So you can play many identical games, or such that seem very similar in different websites around the web. However, casinos like 888, offer a unique collection of games which you cannot find in any other operator, because of their subsidiary Dragonfish.

In this section, we give our readers the opportunity to find guides to the most famous games and even a few for the not so popular ones. We will provide our readers with reviews, explanations of the rules of each game and even some strategies. We will also recommend the most famous operators for the best casino games.

Which Factors did we Take Into Account?

best casino games crapsWe analysed the most relevant criteria, which may influence any of the best casino games we reviewed, including mobile compatibility. It is possible that you may not be familiar with some of the terms on this list, but the primary purpose here is to educate our readers so that you can make an informed choice.

  • House Edge/ Return to Player – This is one of the first things you need to look for when choosing your casino. House edge and return to the player are interdependent indicators, which shows exactly how much the casino will give back it is players in winnings and the mathematical advantage the casino gets in return. However, the figures usually vary amongst casinos, and each of them gets regularly inspected by some of the best testing agencies on the planet.
  • Variance – This shows you exactly what amplitude each player’s bankroll may experience after a specific amount of hands or rounds. If you are familiar with statistics, it is quite similar to standard deviation, the variance will be smaller, with the smaller number of outcomes in a game. Theoretically, if you play Slots, you can become a millionaire with even a small bet. However, if you play Blackjack, for instance, it is highly unlikely to which such a fortune unless you are betting an unrealistic amount of money.
  • Reward to risk ratio – Just like making any other sort of investment, playing the best casino games online has its risk. It varies from game to game and so does the potential winnings from each one. Of course, you do not need to know all that to play. However, it is in your interest to know how much you can or will win with the money you worked hard for. The most important part of gambling is to take into account the variables and keep in mind of the possible consequences.

The Best Casino Games Categories

In this section, you can understand more about the most popular types, keep informed that a single game can fall into more than one classification.

Card games – This naturally includes all games that are played with cards. Technically this category falls into the table games classification since it is also played on tables. However, most people look at card games as a particular kind of game. The most common ones in online casinos are Blackjack, The Caribbean stud poker and baccarat.

Table games – Just as in the previous segment, in this one it is pretty obvious that these games are played on a table. Most of the card games we mentioned above also fall into this category. Some other more familiar examples of Table games include Craps and Roulette.

best casino games jackpotElectronic games – This term is a bit outdated because it represents every game that is played on a machine rather than on a table. You will probably argue that all online games fall into this category. Some of the land-based casino favourites include video poker and slots.

Lottery style games – These are usually not amongst the casino’s most popular games. They are based entirely on luck and require no decision-making at all. Some of the most popular ones are Keno and Scratch cards.

Jackpot games – This includes every game that includes jackpots to be won. There are many tables, video poker games and most frequently slots that have such high fund opportunities. For example, the Caribbean Stud poker often features a growing jackpot that can be won with a royal flush.

Various Games for Various Players

When we made this website, we wanted to make it useful for all types of players. We put the games into three groups according to the skills they require.

Games suitable for beginners – We suggest that if you have a small experience or no experience at all with the best casino games you should start with less complex games. If you fall into this category, we can recommend some games of pure chance, where your actions have no effect on the edge or your winnings. We will recommend Betway in this section because of 3 main factors:

  • Available Practice Play
  • Up to £1000 of Welcome Bonus
  • Easy enough to use and navigate through

They also provide players with some of the the best casino games online.

best casino games cardsScratch cards – Everyone loves the thrill that lottery tickets and scratch cards give us. Operators move the excitement online with a wide variety of games. To win you have to either match a symbol or complete a particular pattern. The winnings may go up to 10 000 times your bet.

Slots – Slots are one of the most involved games, wherever you may play. In the online casinos, you can find an impressive variety of slot machines beginning with the classic 3-reel going to the modern day video slots. You can find bonus rounds, incredible jackpots and even free play mode.

Keno – Keno is quite similar to a lottery. In the classic version of the game, players pick up to 10 numbers from 1 to 80. Afterwards, an RNG game decides the 20 winning numbers of the round. The payout depends on how many numbers you got right and the total amount of figures you played.

Top game options for intermediate players

The second and third levels are not significantly separated. There are more than several games which fall into this level of skill. These are the best casino games in which your actions have some effect on the edge, but it is not a significant one. So if you already think you have enough knowledge and feel ready to move on, we suggest you try Baccarat, Craps or Hold’em. The casino recommendation for this section without a doubt is William Hill. For these three main reasons:

  • Big bet limits
  • Bonuses for additional deposits
  • Mobile Casino app

They also provide us with some examples of games suitable for players at that level.

Baccarat – Baccarat is the most famous game amongst Asians. In this game, both you and the banker will be dealt a hand of 2 cards. The highest value of a hand in this game is 9. In Baccarat when you get ten the count restarts. You can bet on a player, on a banker or a tie. Some operators offer a live version of this game.

best casino games sicboCraps – Many years ago pirates rolled dice across oceans. Nowadays you can do the same online. May not be as exciting as taking a ship into hostage but you can put wagers on scores of bets with incredible payouts.

Sic Bo – Another famous game, with the results determined by dice. You have even more betting options than in Craps and the dice being used are 3. There are over a dozen different wagers you can place.

Casino Hold’em – This game is quite similar to it is more popular variation Texas Hold’em. In this version, however, you do not play against other players, but versus the casino. After you put the Ante bet, and the flop is on the board, you have to make a decision. You can either fold the hand or call with doubling your initial bet.

This section includes the best casino games in which every decision you make affects your chance of winning. The primary factor that separates the games for advanced players from the others is that you can use a set of skills, and they are quite hard to learn. When playing such games, you can also apply some of the most famous strategies. The operator we chose to recommend for this section is 888 for these main reasons:

  • Unique games you cannot find anywhere else
  • They use cutting edge technology
  • You get a £88 offer with no deposit required

This casino also provides us with some of the best examples for advanced players.

Blackjack – You can find much information about this game. However, in a nutshell, to win you either have to get 21 or a bigger hand than the dealer. This game is so popular we have dedicated a special page on our site for her. You can find great techniques and strategies such as card counting and learn about betting in charts and reviews about traditional versions in different online casinos.

best casino games rouletteRoulette – And another casino favourite we have involved quite a lot on our website. Just like Blackjack it has a lot of variations all over the web including a Live version. You can also find the differences amongst the European and American versions of the game as well as the probabilities for different bets.

Video Poker – This game is quite similar to any poker game with five cards. The main differences are that the maximum amount of money you can lose equals the initial bet, and you do not play versus other players. Once you receive your hand, you can remove from one to five cards to improve your hand. Payouts are decided by the pay table which you can find in every video poker game online. This game requires some significant skills to determine which cards to discard and which to keep.

Craps – There are quite a lot of arguments you may have stumbled upon on whether games like craps fall into this skill cap. For the sole reason that some people believe that dice control can be learned, however, it is not proven if it is even possible. However, even if it is, it will require incredible amounts of skill.

Games for Casino Lovers – some people gamble online, for the sole reason that they like to do so. For them, the potential money they can win is not so important, as playing solely for the thrills and excitement. They often play in practice mode or with enough small bets. If you fall into that category, we have flash versions of Slots and Blackjack on their dedicated pages.

Picking a Casino Game by House Edge

It is important to categorise and choose the best casino games you play by the volume of the house edge, as there are quite a lot of advantages of playing with a low edge. However, you should not be quick to ignore those with a high one, as they are the ones that will provide you with an opportunity for bigger winnings.

Low edge games – This is quite a hard term to define as it comes down to preferences. A player might think a distinct edge is small, and another player might believe the same to be quite high. However, some particular games have undeniable low edges. Some of the most popular ones include Baccarat, PaiGow Poker and Blackjack. Some types of video poker also easily fall into this category as well as some individual bets in Craps.

best casino games pokerYou should also keep in mind that some games including Blackjack, require you to strategize to maintain the edge low. Such a change in the conditions can harm your game.

High edge online casinos games – One of the highest house edge top online casino games is undoubtedly Keno, with around 25% (varying from a casino to a casino), which is most likely the reason for its popularity drop. American roulette has quite the higher edge than its European competitor (usually about 5.26% versus 2.70%) and in some cases, the bets in craps can reach an edge of 10%, as well as the edge in slots which can also be quite high with up to 15%.

Which are the Best Casino Games Online?

If you ask a thousand players this particular question you will get an enormous variety of answers and to be frank not a single one of them would be wrong. When you think about it, there’s no such thing, as it all comes down to preferences. Many people enjoy playing slots, while others believe they are a waste of finances and time. Some rather play Blackjack, while others think it requires too much thought and is quite slow. We will not tell you what top online casino games to play; it is a decision you will have to make on your own. We can only give you the advice to play a few different types before you can decide which ones suit you best. There isn’t a bad or good way to make a decision but here are a few key factors you may want to take into consideration:

  • House edge – A lower house edge will provide you with the better value of funds at the end of the day.
  • Potential payout – Some of the best casino games provide you with the opportunity for big winnings relative to your bet.
  • Skill factor – Which games do you prefer, those that require skill and thought or those of pure chance?
  • Enjoyment – Which games do you find most enjoyable?

The last point should be the most important you need to think about, since playing the best casino games should be about having a great time. However, the other factors should be taken into consideration as well.

What are the Advantages of Playing Online

best casino games blackjackIf you are in fact curious why you should play online when you have a casino or bar nearby where you can play Slots. Except for convenience, which is evident, there are some other factors you should look at before going to the nearest land-based operators:

  • Higher RTP – This is most likely the biggest advantage from online casinos have to offer. Usually, most land-based casinos have set the house edge quite greater than online operators. It is most probably because they have bigger expenses than online casinos, such as payrolls and electricity. However, that is not important, what’s important here is that players can win more online.
  • Game variety – Another factor is that even the biggest land-based casino cannot accommodate as many of the best casino games as the smallest online casino. Internet casinos, however, have an infinite storage so they do not have to remove a game each time a new one comes along. That is why they are always growing, unlike their inferior physical comrades which stay the same size.
  • Playing on the go – By choosing to gamble online, you get the opportunity not just to play on any computer anywhere you go, but you also have the chance to play on your mobile device anywhere on the go. Nowadays most online casinos provide you with that opportunity and spend a lot of time, money and effort into widening their mobile game sections.
  • Enormous bonuses – We all know that land-based casinos often offer some promotions, but they cannot even be close to comparing with the bonuses and offers at the online casinos, neither in size nor number. Most online operators will not just surprise you with a fantastic welcome bonus, but they keep sweetening the deal with daily promotions and even VIP clubs for their most valued customers.

Moreover, these are just some of the advantages you can get your hands on if you decide to sign up in a prestigious online casino. The only disadvantage I can think of right now would be the lack of social interaction, however nowadays there is even a solution even for that. With the Live dealer casino games online you can have the thrill of playing against a real dealer from the comfort of your home.

Some Final Advice

best casino games slotsThe range of casino games is quite enormous; there is absolutely no need for you to pick a personal favourite or to play only a few of the best casino games every single time. At the end of the day, it is your choice if that is what you desire to do, but we encourage you to test out all your options. You can even try a different game each time you sit down to play, and you would not have enough time to experience them all. What we are saying is that you should not be afraid to try out new top online casino games as you are an adventure is just beginning and you never know which game could be even more enjoyable than the last one.

Whether you prefer arcade games or slot machines, cards or table games, the most important thing to remember when switching from practice mode to real money is always to play at a famous UK-licensed casino. This is where as a Britt you can find our suggestions in handy as they feature the best casino games that suit every taste and routine. No matter if you like to place small bets or if you are a high roller, we have casinos that will suit your every need. Check out our reviews for the most prestigious operators in the country, check the best casino games and bonuses they offer and make the choice that suits you best.

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