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When a person decides to start gambling for the first time, he or she can panic solely on the enormous amount of information they are expected to be aware of. Even veterans fluent in online casino guides are looking for more information on operators, software, and games. All this information is useful to increase your winnings, as well as make sure that their transactions and personal details are completely safe.

Most frequently asked questions about online casinos answered

To find such information online may sound easy, however, in contrast, it is quite difficult to find websites that are reliable and trustworthy. So no matter if you are a newbie full of questions, or if you are quite accustomed to online casino guides, and you are just checking in for an update the concerns and their answers we have gathered here for you will surely help.

General Questions Casino FAQ

Why should you choose an online operator instead of a land-based one?

Land-based casinos have been quite popular for decades and are even preferred by many players because of their huge beautiful buildings with bright, colourful lights, glamorous halls with enchanting table games and gorgeous young dealers. However, the top online casinos offer similar privileges in a digital form.

Probably the biggest advantage is the fact that you can play your favorite games from the comfort of your couch without having to spend any extra money on hotels or transportation to your favourite casino. Moreover, there are many more advantages such as welcoming bonuses and regular promotions, there are also many casino guides online to help you find the best option for you.

Which is the perfect casino for you?
Nowadays you have an option of many online operators to choose from and there are even more casino guides, which cannot be trusted. Some of the most important factors to look into are the license, regulation, safety, the bonuses they offer, their game section and of course their overall reputation. If you choose our website for your reviews, you will see the ratings according to all those factors and more such as graphics, customer service, jackpots, the fairness of the games, the wagering requirements, the welcoming bonus, payout ratio and more. We offer the best casino guides online.
What do I have to do to play a game in an online casino?
You need a broadband connection and a computer or a mobile device. Depending on the operator software you will have the opportunity to play on different operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Mac and in some cases even BlackBerry. If you want to play with real money, you will also need to have access to a payment method and we also recommend to learn the casino games rules before you rush in to wager.
What types of games can I play?
You can find all the games you usually play in your favourite land-based operator. You will, however, find many other varieties of these games if you choose any of the proper online casino guides. The most famous games include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and slots.
How much money is it possible to win in such an establishment?
Count to think of it; there is no overall limit. Close to their land-based fellow companies, the result of every game is random. This means that you can turn a small amount of money into thousands of pounds. However, this also means that you can lose money in the same way. If you learn how to do the simplest bankroll management, you will be able to spend less and earn more. In progressive jackpots, the winning commonly exceeds five million.
How can I win a progressive jackpot?
These are one of the factors that lure in the most players since many players in casinos or network contribute to a single jackpot, the size grows. They appear in a random manner so that anyone can win. Check out some of our casino guides for more information.
Which is the most profitable game out there?
This is highly questionable. The slot machines are quite popular with the players who want to win much money, mainly because of the progressive jackpot. Then there are roulette and blackjack. Online roulette offers a fifty-fifty chance to win and the same to lose unless you decide to wager on evens odds or colors, which is 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. Moreover, winning at Blackjack is popular amongst the people who are masters at card counting, they also know every little detail about the casino games rules.
How to find out what the average payout of a specific casino is?
Most casinos are audited by a third party company, in most cases eCogra or TST. The operators usually display the percentages in their homepage. The operators we recommend have a payout over 90% and in most cases over 95%, you can read more about them in our casino guides.

Creating an Account in a Casino FAQ

How old do I have to be to make an account?
In most websites, the minimum age to register and play with real money is 18. This usually depends on the country you play from, the practice mode games, have no age requirements. Check our casino guides for more information.
How do I create an account in an online casino?
You have to write your personal information such as names, address, and age in the designated fields. In some cases the website may ask you for a copy of your passport or ID, to confirm your habitat. Online operators are regularly regulated to ensure that your personal details are safe and secure, check some of our recommendations in the casino guides section.
What is a welcoming bonus?
This promotion is what usually draws new players to the casinos; there are many different variations of this offer. They typically match a specific percentage of your initial deposit, so it is a common idea to look for casinos that provide a higher amount and to put as much money as possible. Some deposits may go up to 400%, so if you deposit a £1000, you can make up to £4000. This is a huge advantage for players, and you should also take part in it.
What personal information do I have to give to create an account in a casino?

This depends on the website of your choice, it depends on their requirements and also according to the country you are currently located in. For example, if you live in Italy, you will have to give your ID number and your fiscal code. Furthermore, when you create the account, you will be listed in their database, which the company will use to send you details about the recent promotions and bonuses. Just remember to choose operators that is reliable and reputable, because it will keep your information private.

However, you should be aware that some rogue casinos will sell your information to third-party companies. This is why you always have to read the terms and conditions every single time you decide to sign up with a casino. This way you will can sure that they will be the only ones that have access to your details. However if you decide to choose a site recommended in our casino guides, you can be sure that you will be completely safe.

Payment Methods Casino FAQ

Is it possible that I play for free, or do I have to make a deposit?
Yes, most operators offer a practice mode so you can test the software before you decide to sign up with them or make a deposit. Moreover, of course, so you can learn the casino games rules and how to play them correctly. You should, however, remember that to win real money you will have to wager such, and that is where all the excitement is. Read more in our casino guides.
How do I make a deposit?
There are a lot of various ways in which you could make a deposit, and different casinos will have diverse options, so before you make your choice make sure it offers the payment method that you prefer to use. Most casinos offer different options to make it more comfortable for their customers for example credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Some of them will take much time, but most of them will fill your account in no time.
What deposit ways are available?
It depends on where you are currently located and which casino you choose. However, mostly every major international credit and debit card is available at the famous online casinos. Other ways such as third party e-wallets like Neteller, Ukash, Paypal and others are also commonly used. Read more in our casino guides.
What withdrawal methods are available?
This also depends on where you are located and the operator of your choice. In some countries you will have the opportunity to withdrawal to your credit or debit card, in other nations, you will not be allowed to. If you used an e-wallet, you would receive your money the same way. Some casinos will let you use an e-check.
Can I track my previous transactions?
In short, yes you can. Online operators will let you track your complete history, which will allow you to see all your withdrawals and deposits with a single touch of a button.
How much time does it usually take to cash out my winnings?

This depends on what method you chose to deposit your money with and whether you received a bonus with it or not. Let’s start with the deposit method. There are some options like bank transfers and cheques that take longer than the other options.

However, the casinos always want to make your experience better, and no one likes to wait, so he or she will let you try out their games before the deposit is received. Most of them will put a block on your withdrawals until they receive your deposit, as a safety measure. If you received a deposit bonus, you would have to wager it a specific amount of times before you can withdrawal your winnings. Every of the operators has different terms and conditions so make sure to read them before agreeing to anything. Read more in our casino guides.

Are there any limits to my withdrawals?
Most casinos do in fact set limits, they can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on the casino. In a few larger casinos, the high-rollers are given higher amounts than the regular players, for example, William Hill.
When will I be able to withdrawal my wins?
You should keep in mind that you will not be able to withdraw your bonus immediately, you will have to wager it a specific amount of times. This is not as bad as it looks, after all, most casinos have a payout percentage of above 95%. So if you can make a win out of the bonus, it will be yours to keep.
How do operators make their money?
An online casino is a typical business, like an arcade or a movie theater, so it has to earn money to keep providing its services to the general public. This is what makes the games which use real money, their main feature. They do not earn their money straight from your deposits, but from when you start to wager them and this includes the return to player ratio, the house edge and of course the variance. Read more in our casino guides.
How do operators make money from the house edge?

The so-called house edge is the advantage of the casinos in a particular game, and it is calculated using statistics and probability, it is determined by the total amount of wagers on the table. It does, in fact, sound complicated, but it is quite simple.

For example, let’s take a look at the famous European Roulette. So we have 18 red and 18 black numbers, including a green zero. If you bet on a color, like black, the ratio will be one to one, so if you wager £10 and win you will get £20. Which means that you get the original ten you wagered with a ten bonus. However, since the chance is the same whether it falls on black or red, you will be in luck if you win. Read more in our casino guides.

How do operators make money from the return to player ratio?
The RTP is a diverse way to display the house edge. It does not show the expected loss for the casino. However, it shows the expected ratio to be returned to the players. It is a percentage of the total wagers. So if we take a look at the European Roulette, the number will be 97.3%. So for every £100 you bet, you will get £97.3 assuming that you lose £2.7.
Is it possible to count cards in an online casino?
It is possible, especially in games such as Blackjack, but it is not always legal, and even when it is, it is looked down upon by the operators. It is a mental activity, and as long as it stays that way it is as legal as counting the money in your wallet. You are not allowed to use devices or machines; you should also keep in mind that the casino is within its rights to kick you out if it suspects you of counting cards since it has to protect its profits. Read more in our casino guides.

Software Casino FAQ

Will I be able to chat to the other players in a game?
Yes, there are multiplayer games that usually give you the opportunity to communicate with the players in the same room. If you, however, prefer to have a social night out, you should check the land-based casinos in your area.
Where can I download the software to play?
Each of the casinos offers its personal application to download. To use it have to download that app and create an account. You cannot use a particular operator’s software to play at another one. Check out our casino guides for more info.
Can I play these games on a Mac operating system?
In short, yes you can. Many casinos offer software with which you can use an Apple computer. The biggest challenge with that particular operating system is that you cannot download any apps. You can only play their games on their HTML5 based software. Read more in our casino guides.
Do the games work on operating systems such as Android and iOS?
Many prestigious casinos offer apps and HTML5 software for phones and tablets. Some even offer the possibility to play on a BlackBerry.

Security Casino FAQ

How do you know if the casinos are safe?
If you choose an operator from our casino guides your details will be safe and secure. If you decide to choose one that is not in our lists, make sure that they offer the highest possible encryption software, to keep your personal details and funds safe. Stealing personal information is no laughing matter and has become a sophisticated process.
Is making a deposit safe?
When you choose to gamble in an online environment, every transaction you pick to make no matter if you decide to upload money or withdrawal them is encrypted by cutting-edge technology to keep it completely safe. So it is impossible for anyone to neither to see or steal your details. Also you should always make sure that you are completely aware of the casino games rules before you bet on them. Read more in our casino guides.
What are “fraud” casinos?
Some operators are well-known for ignoring the customers who wish to withdraw the money they earned. The customer service representatives are not that helpful either, they just take the players in circles or pass them around each other without giving them the money they earned fairly. You can easily avoid such companies, by choosing a reputable operator. If you pick one of our recommendations, you will be sure that they will payout everything you have earned promptly. Read more in our casino guides.
Is eCogra a company I can trust?
This is a non-profit company which is entirely legit and gives the players a safe and fair experience without any rigged games. Every site they regulate is under audit on a regular basis to make sure that everything is running as it should. The casinos that met their requirements proudly display the eCogra logo on their homepage. Seeing that logo immediately calms down players worldwide, because it shows that the operator is safe and fair. ECogra’s seal of approval is most likely the most important factor in this industry. Read more in our casino guides.

Specific Games Casino FAQ

What do I have to do in order to play Blackjack in an online casino?
Firstly you will have to learn the specific casino games rules, they may differ from a casino to a casino you will also need a working broadband connection and a device to play on. You can read more about this in our online casino game guides.
How do penny slots work?
They are very similar to the normal machines, the difference is that these slots let you bet on a few lines at once. The machines have between nine and twenty lines, you can learn more about them in our online casino game guides.
Can I really win money if I play roulette online?
In short yes, you can and it’s quite popular amongst our readers, mainly because of the progressive jackpots, we have more detailed information in the online casino game guides section.
Can I only bet on my hand in Baccarat?
Well no, you can bet either on yours or the bankers, also you will need to choose the set of cards that is the closest to nine, you can read more in our online casino game guides.
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